Frequently Asked Questions

What/Who is Eco Hardwood Flooring exactly?

Eco Hardwood Flooring is a certified advocate of sourcing sustainable materials and using eco-friendly, low-VOC finishes and glues to minimize the impact on indoor air quality and health. Living up to our name,  where every product meets the highest environmental and health standards while looking beautiful. 


Where does your wood come from exactly?

Eco Hardwood Flooring sources our wood from controlled, sustainable forests in North America. More specifically, the majority of our wood veneers are harvested in Canada and the Northern United States. Our exotic species  are sourced throughout Central America and South America.


Where are your flooring products milled?

We use a controlled, eco-friendly wood flooring mill that is located in Central America. Our mill is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), as it follows meticulous, sustainable milling techniques to produce Eco Hardwood Flooring’ beautiful, certified, eco-friendly wood flooring.


What makes your products eco-friendly?

Our wood flooring products are eco-friendly for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is we source our wood sustainably. Eco Hardwood Flooring uses wood that comes from a salvaged, reclaimed, or recycled source, or is harvested from forests or plantations. We never greenwash our wood flooring products and our products are certified by the current industry leading third party certifying organization, the FSC®. Learn more about today’s Environmental Issues and all of our eco-friendly characteristics on our Environmental Attribute Guide.

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